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21 octobre 2020

LEMON Newsletter n°3 / October 2020 released

The LEMON newsletter n°3 from the LEMON project is now available!

This newsletter will present the progress of the project during this last period, with the completion of our instrument mechanical readiness review and the launching of the fabrication for several sub-systems. In addition, the DIAL instrument design is presented. Also, since the European Space Research Establishments (ESRE) published its white paper in January this year, we took the opportunity of analysing its proposed roadmap to assess that LEMON is in line with its propositions for earth observation. Following our goal to provide Europe with new instruments and methods for earth observation, in this newsletter we will also present you a preliminary campaign, where in-situ water vapour isotopes sensing instruments as well as a Raman lidar for water vapour sensing were used. Finally we try to go on opening our range of application towards other topics than space. Enjoy reading us!

Download the LEMON Newsletter #3