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29 avril 2020

LEMON Newsletter n°2 / April 2020 released

The LEMON consortium is pleased to release the project Newsletter N°2 / April 2020.

In this issue of the Newsletter you will find:

- The LEMON Instrument Design by ONERA.

- Contributions by CNRS and Fraunhofer ILT on Existing Lidar applications in the space sector.

- The First results of the 'FRUIT' manufacturing, by SPACETECH. The related White Paper is also downloadable.

- Contributions by University of Bergen and by Fraunhofer ILT on Applications targeted with LEMON systems or sub-systems.

- The "Get Together" with a selection of upcoming international events.

- An exclusive interview with SPACETECH team members Hanjo Schaefer and Dirk Heinecke.

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Enjoy the reading!