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26 mai 2023

LEMON 2021 Ground validation campaign dataset released in Open Access

LEMON partner University of Bergen have made available in Open Access the data generated during the LEMON Ground validation campaign, which took place in Aubenas, France, in September 2021.

The dataset provides part of the water vapour concentration data generated during water vapour measurements performed during this campaign with the University of Bergen’s CRDS instruments.  

Although the data was gathered in 2021, LEMON decided to delay its publication by nearly two years to allow consortium partners to analyse and present relevant results in conferences before sharing the data with the scientific community.

The data is deposited on Zenodo, with following DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7864007 A description of the datasets is provided along with the data on Zenodo.

The dataset can be cited as: Zannoni, Daniele, Steen-Larsen, Hans Christian, & Sodemann, Harald. (2023). LEMON2021 Ground validation campaign [Data set]. Zenodo.