Innovative Technologies

The LEMON proposal is based on two sets of activities to mature the technology

LEMON concept and stakeholders

Versatile dial instrument (TRL6) targetting CO2, CH4, H2O isotopes

Data acquisition & instrument control


Innovative versatile emitter

Pump Laser, GFCU & Emission Optics

TRL6 instrument validation

Rough airborne demonstration and CO2, CH4, H2O isotopes mesurements


  • Roadmaps
  • Sub-units environmental testing
  • Critical components radiation testing
  • Future mission proposals

DIAL Lidar Principle

Emission of different successive laser wavelengths “on” and “off” the absorption lines of a given species:

  • Range-resolved measurement.
  • Or column integrated mesurement of the species concentration.

Generic Frequency Conversion Unit GFCU Concept

The LEMON concept is based on a generic tuneable frequency conversion unit (GFCU) which converts a 1μm pump laser radiation into two wavelength tuneable radiations to match the targeted species absorption lines. This single emitter concept differs from classical approaches that rely either on direct laser emission, or classical parametric converters design, which limits their use to detection of a single species. Here, based on a specific optical parametric approach (NesCOPO), amplified to the 50 mJ energy level, LEMON GFCU will therefore provide a versatile and increased function instrument to support climate models and meteorological studies.